Square One: Who am I?

Hello everyone!1

What better way to start a blog than starting with square one? That is where everyone’s life begins after all. Who am I? What are my hobbies and activities? What are my goals?

Who am I?

At this current moment, I am a 19-year-old college junior. My current major is communications with a concentration in media studies, but that could change tomorrow. I stand at 5 feet and 2 inches, and so does my twin sister. While I have been raised a southern girl, I find beauty in cities the same way I find beauty in huge never-ending grass fields.

Hobbies and Activites

Throughout my life I have tried many different hobbies and activities, but the one that stuck the most is my love for writing. I have been writing stories since I was six. When going through boxes of old papers and diaries, I find these short stories I used to write. Following my writing throughout the 19(almost 20) years of my life is something I cherish. One of the things I attribute to me keeping up with my writing, is my love for reading. I was that young child reading all the Harry Potter books, and any other book I could get my hands on. I am a firm believer that reading makes one’s writing stronger.


The last thing I think deserves to be involved in square one of my life is my goals. I will only be sharing a few, and I might share more later down the line in this blog. Now, I know some people that will make goals and never stick to them. My goals are set to fit my standards. Everyone is different. Some people like a strict schedule goal, and others like a go-with-the-flow type of goal. Mine are a mixture of both.

First off, I want to write books. As many as I can in my lifetime. Even if nobody reads them except for me, I want to write them. My goal is to write one book before I reach the age of 25. Which at this point gives me five years to get my life together, and get started on that. I also want to start managing my money better. Being in college, I have plenty of debt to look forward to, and I certainly do not want to be in debt for the rest of my life. So I want to start now. The last goal I want to share is one for this blog. I want to continuously blog for an entire year. I will not be posting everyday, but I want to at least post 2-4 times a week. Sometimes more than that. I guess we will see how that ends up turning out.


I believe that covers my square one. There is plenty more to know about me, but we have all the time(and future blog posts) in the world to get around to that. My question of the day for you all:

What do you consider to be your square one?

Thank you all for reading my very first blog post. Be sure to link your own blog, Twitter, Instagram down below for me to get to know you.


Links: About Me // Twitter // Instagram


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