The Early Morning Kind of Morning

Hello Everyone!

I woke up unnecessarily early this morning, and thought to write up a quick blog post. Most of the time, I wake up fairly early everyday. As a teenager I never really was that teen who slept until noon or later. Which I am not all that upset about now that I really think about it. The morning time is the best time to get some thinking done. No one in the house is usually up yet(and if they are, they are probably getting ready for work and will not bother you). You have also just started your day, and you probably have not had any struggles yet.



Photo taken by Me

This morning I woke up at six a.m., then I went back to sleep. Only to wake up again at seven a.m.. This time for good. After getting my usual cup of coffee, I let my cat upstairs, and settled down with my laptop. Today is a good work day for me, as I do not have to go to work until noon. But, I have to work until eight, and it would have been nice to get a little bit more sleep. I also have to work Saturday and Sunday from ten a.m. to eight p.m. Which means most of my weekend will be me at work, and less of it will be me getting to sleep and relax.

To me, I feel like even though I woke up unnecessarily early this morning, it is good for me. It gives me time to sit back and relax before starting the cycle of work for the weekend. Although my good mood probably has a lot to do with the coffee I had this morning. Maybe I will move on to my second cup, and catch up on some YouTube videos before I go to work. Who knows? I have got all this time after all.


Early mornings are not as bad as some people make them out to be. Think of the positives. You get free time to yourself in the morning. It can be really peaceful and relaxing if you let it. My question of the day for you all:

What do you like to do when you wake up early in the morning?

Thank you all for reading. Be sure to link your own blog, Twitter, Instagram down below for me to get to know you.


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