We Got Pulled Over… On a Boat

Hello Everyone

Being almost 20 years old this August, I’ve had 19 fourth of July’s to celebrate. Obviously a few of them I don’t really remember, but a majority of them I do. Now, I’m not saying every memory is the best, but I just know that this time of year has almost always been happy memory wise. I thought about sharing a couple of those memories with you.

The Furbaby Adoption


Photo taken by me

One of my older memories is near the fourth of July 2004. The adoption of my black lab Patch. He’s 12 years old now, but that day we adopted him (actually on July 3rd) was one of the best memories. My family and I were headed to Walmart to pick up some supplies for the 4th. Getting close to the front we noticed a truck parked with a litter of black lab puppies in the back. Which of course my sister(my twin) and I were all for going to see them. My parents obliged, and we walked over. Not really having plans to adopt any of the dogs. However, it was indeed my dad who caught the eyes of who would soon be a big part in our family, our dog Patch. It was in that moment that the decision was made that we were indeed getting a dog that day. Now, there is a lot more to be said about my dog, but that is going to have to be a separate post on it’s own. That’s just one of the earlier memories around the fourth that makes me happy.

The Boat Police

Another memory happened sometime before my sophomore year of high school I believe. Which was about six years ago. Long story short, my family really loves camping. I grew up camping every Summer. Sometimes multiple times during the Summer. We almost always camped at this one campground, and it is a staple to my family. We’d often go with my dad’s friend’s family, and also my dad’s best friend’s family. This time we were with my dad’s best friend’s family, who is really considered actual family at this point. Anyway, we were on the boat the night of the fourth. Having gone around all day, and we were really ready for some fireworks. It was before the fireworks started that we heard sirens of another boat behind us. My “uncle” slowed the boat down, and found it was some boat police. I don’t really know if they have an official name or not, but I mean boat police just shows how my language skills are.

Okay, so continuing on, they apparently were pulling us over because my uncle had these blue lights on the back of his boat by the engine. So if you looked back on a night ride, it looked like the water behind the blue was this bright blue. Which we thought was cool, and had been enjoying it the past few days before that. Luckily the boat police was cool about it, and let us just take the lights off. But, it just seemed funny that of course the time we decide to go out on the lake on a holiday, we get pulled over. Even if it was for something so silly. It kind of just shows how our family works I guess haha.


My fourth of July memories have been some great one’s. I might do another post this month with more if I can think of good enough one’s to post. My question of the day for you all:

What is your all time favorite fourth of July memory?

Thank you all for reading. Be sure to link your own blog, Twitter, Instagram down below for me to get to know you.


*2nd July Journal Post*

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