Netflix Binge List: Summer ’16

Hello Everyone

For today’s post, I was thinking of something short and sweet. Because Monday’s are not all that enjoyable, and I want to give you more time to dread the rest of the days of the week until the weekend (because I’m suchhhhh a nice person haha).

My Netflix Addiction


Photo created by me

I am a big Netflix watcher, and I have been for several years. I’ve re-watched many shows, and discovered new ones. Or really watched shows that have been out for years. I don’t really believe there is any problem with being addicted to Netflix either(said every addict ever). It introduces you to many different shows and movies that you may not have access to otherwise. I was that person who watched The Walking Dead after years of it being out, and now it is one of my favorite shows.

There is only one “but” I have with Netflix. It’s a fantastic tool, but not all my shows are on there. A big one being a show called Smallville. I don’t know if many of you have ever watched Smallville before, but it is my all time favorite show. I have re-watched it again and again(all 10 seasons). But, my issue is that it is so hard to find now. Netflix won’t add it on. Which I believe to be issues with the network that owns Smallville. But still, it’s very disappointing that some shows and movies aren’t on there or won’t ever be added on there. But, overall I still love Netflix deeply.

My Binge List for this Summer

One thing I have learned is to not balance too many shows at one time. I already have plenty of shows that I watch on TV, so my Netflix shows/movies list needs to be manageable. Because if it is too much, my life will just be me in bed, surrounded by my blankets and my cat, watching Netflix all day everyday.

My list for this Summer is only three shows because Two of them I haven’t watched at all, and I have to catch up. My first is Orange Is The New Black. I have watched it, but I’m still watching the new season. Then I have Once Upon A Time and Hawaii Five-O. Both of which I have not watched before. So that’s why my list is so small.


That’s it for my quick little Monday post. My question of the day for you all:

What is on your Netflix binge list?

Thank you all for reading. Be sure to link your own blog, Twitter, Instagram down below for me to get to know you.


*4th July Journal Post*

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