How To: Embrace The College Experience

Hi friends!1

I thought I would talk about something that I have realized over the past few weeks since school started for me. This is my fifth semester as a college student, and I am starting to realize how much I have changed from that first semester as a freshman. I enjoy college so much more. I love everything about it, even the actually going to class part. I learned to go out and have fun, make new friends, and why I should not skip that class for the twentieth time in a semester. But right now, we’re just going to focus in on that first one. Getting out.

My first semester freshman year was not as eventful as I like to admit. Sure, I went out a few times with friends. I went to go see movies, went to concerts, and to parties. But not that often. Most of the time I was in my small apartment, or next door at my best friends apartment. I never really left to do anything, but go to class or go to Taco Bell at 11 p.m. to grab a late dinner. Only to come back to my apartment, and sit in bed and watch Netflix.

After that semester, I decided to make a change. I wanted to be a different person, and not just the same person who was in high school earlier that year. So that second semester I spent more time out of my apartment. Going out to see nature, participating in the events the school had to meet new people, and make new experiences. Exploring more food than just the Taco Bell across the street from my campus. Doing that made my life more adventurous and less repetitive. Now it is a lot easier for me to go out instead of stay in, and join in with new groups of people instead of sitting by myself. Something I value a lot now more than ever.

Sure, I haven’t given up my Netflix and YouTube watching. I mean how else am I supposed to relax at home after a stressful day at work? But, I did realize that there is a lot more out in the world than there is in my tiny apartment in college.


Going out in your college years is extremely beneficial for a successful college experience. My question of the day for you all:

What was your greatest adventure your freshman year of college?

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