Inspired by a Tree

Hi friends!


Photo taken by me

I have been in college for over two years now. Within the four semesters I have completed, as well as the fifth semester I am currently in, I have walked all over the my campus. But it was not until today that this tree caught my eye. Out of all the trees, all over campus, this one is the one that had me stopping to take a picture. Nothing is really all that special about it. There were many other trees that looked just like it all around. So what exactly made this particular one so special to me?

I was walking with plenty of other students, and stopped right in the middle of the pathway to pull out my phone. I had took a picture of the tree as quick as I could in order to keep on walking to keep from getting in other peoples way. It was not until I was sitting in my next class that I looked at the picture. Wondering why exactly I took it. I thought it was because that it was somewhat pretty. It has pretty green leaves, and I love nothing more than photos of nature. My next thought was to look around the tree, and I noticed some students were in the process of walking. There was this beautiful tree standing in one place, while all the people around were all busy walking to one of the many places they would go that day.

That got me thinking about how busy we humans are. We are almost always constantly on the move. Most of us do not really take the time in the day to just stand still, and not do anything. Which, by the way, sitting around watching Netflix is still doing something. Sure it is not exactly productive, but technically it is still doing something. Back to what I was saying, I feel like we humans are always so busy, and never truly sit down and admire the beauty around us. There are so many people who are so stressed out all the time. Why not just sit back, relax, and do nothing but watch the environment around you? You can really learn a lot more about not only what is going on around you, but more about yourself. It also can teach you that instead of stressing out over things that you cannot control, why not just relax, and think about it later. This is also known as procrastination.


Nature can inspire many thoughts. My question of the day for you all:

What about nature inspires you?

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