Playing With Fate

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Photo by me

Bean Boozled. A game where you have a 50/50 chance of getting a good/bad flavored jelly bean. The fun part is that you will not know what you have until you taste it. Well it is all fun until that split second after the first bite that you realize your bean is one of the gross flavors. The game has been out for quite a while now. Most of my friends have played the game, and I have heard the horror stories of what happens when you get a bad flavor. However, I had been the odd one out. Sure, I wanted to play the game, but up until today I had not really ever wanted to actually purchase it. The only reason why I did play is because my sister was the one who bought the game, and asked my family to play a few rounds with her.

While I agreed to play, my thoughts were all focused on what will the bad flavors taste like? As we started to play, I managed to get lucky, and went a few rounds with good flavors. After witnessing my family getting all the bad flavors, it made me really nervous that it would happen to me soon. Sure enough I got the flavor dead fish. That was definitely not the first bad flavor I wanted to try. I spit it out right away, but the taste remained in my mouth. Like usual, the jelly bean had got stuck in my teeth, and I ended up having to gargle mouth wash a few times before I could get the taste out. Over-dramatic? Maybe. But, I certainly did not eat anymore of that colored jelly bean for the rest of the time we played.

Over the next few turns of ending up with flavors such as dog food and dirty socks, I ended up beginning to despise the little spinner. Each time it was my turn, I dreaded spinning it. It was as if someone was punishing me for having all the good turns in the beginning of the game. Then ending up with all the bad ones the last few rounds we played. Of course my family loved it, because apparently all my reactions were ridiculous and over-dramatic, but amusing to them. Although, that is kind of what I love about my family. We all laugh at each other, and do not take things so seriously. That being said, I certainly did not want to laugh after my last bean of rotten eggs.


Nothing is more terrifying then that damn spinner. Determining your fate. My question of the day for you all:

What is the most disgusting jelly bean you’ve tried?

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