Public Speaking: Me and My Bookbag

Hi friends!


Photo by me

This picture was taken of my book bag right before I went to school to give my speech in my public speaking class. I spent a lot of this morning dreading the speech, and looking at this bag only made it worse. Why is that? What does my bag have to do with my speech? The answer is my speech was my book bag.

The topic we were given was to find an object to compare ourselves to, and I chose a book bag. My main reason for that choice was that I was running out of time to pick an object, and that just happened to be next to me at the time. The challenge was finding the comparisons I was going to make. It turns out that not only is making metaphors comparing a book bag to yourself is about as easy as waiting patiently for paint to dry. Considering the fact that I am not that patient of a person, you can probably guess how well I was doing. I eventually picked my comparisons, and the book bag compared to me with its many pockets, straps, and the bag overall.

The many pockets in a book bag really keep me organized. Growing up I was that kid who would have to organize my legos by size and color before I could begin to play with them. I usually spent more time organizing them than actually playing. As a college student, I keep everything in my book bag as organized as possible by putting them in the many different pockets.

While I am organized, I also am an anxious person. The straps on a book bag will begin to wear out if you put too much inside your bag. I think about too many things that are not that important, but somehow my brain makes them top priority. I will have many different things going on in my head, and eventually the anxiety will make me wear out like the straps of a heavy book bag.

The many pockets and the straps make up the book bag overall. Most people when going on an adventure pick up their bag and just go. That is what I love to do. I love to drop what I am doing, pack a bag, and go on adventure spur of the moment. Whether it be a small road trip or just getting lost down one of the many dirt roads I live around. I love to grab a bag and just go.


The object that I find compared the best to me was my book bag, but could have just as well been many other things. My question of the day for you all:

What object is a metaphor for your life?

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