Stereotypes In Cartoons: American Dad!

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While I should be getting ready to go to class, I have been spending most of my morning on my bed watching cartoons on Netflix. One of my favorite being American Dad. My inner child still has a big place in my heart for cartoons, but with a bit more of an adult aspect to them. Hence why I am watching American Dad instead of Adventure Time. Not that I am judging people who watch adventure time, it is just my own personal preference to prefer adult cartoons.

While I was watching American Dad this morning, I began to think of the portrayal of the American family in cartoons like this. The family dynamic if you will. There is the American father, who puts the father as the head of the house. In this case, Stan, the father, is a strong conservative man of the house. He is portrayed as a self-righteous, dominant male, but also as not all that smart with his ideas. Then there is Francine, portraying what is a typical American housewife. She is seen as not that bright with her ideas, and is blonde and beautiful.

Many times in the show the creators write Francine’s character to where she is independent, and does not always do what Stan wants her to. But he turns around, in complete disbelief that she’s not doing what he wants, and does something crazy in order to try to keep her under himself instead of equal. While it normally does not work out for Stan, it still shows his character as he believes he is the head of the family, and Francine is not his equal. This relationship between Stand and Francine shows a lot of the gender stereotypes that many women are fighting to break out of today.

Francine as a wife is seen to be perfect and beautiful. There was an episode talking about how if her husband would still be with her if she did not look the way she did. Having to dye her hair blonde, get waxed, work out often, and wear a retainer to keep her teeth straight. For a long portion of the episode it showed Stan not wanting to be with his wife when she was not plucked to perfection.

All of these thoughts were stuck in my head after I made this discovery. The way the American family is portrayed in cartoons is almost spot on perfect. Gender stereotypes and all.


So, some deep thoughts on American Dad, and what I see in the behaviors of characters haha. My question of the day for you all:

What are some deep thoughts you have on your favorite adult cartoons?

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