Holiday Drinks at Starbucks

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I have an addiction. To coffee that is. More specifically Starbucks coffee, but I guess it applies to all coffee. This whole semester has been ridiculous with me having all my classes in the Social Sciences building. The very building that has a Starbucks right when you walk in the front doors. It is not like I can ignore the fact that it exists with it jumping in my face as soon as I walk in. The smell of the coffee, the signs everywhere, and the people carrying their Starbucks drinks all over. It is basically like I might as well sign my life over to Starbucks, and be in debt to them for the rest of my life.

Whenever I get to campus too early, have a long break between classes, or I stay late on campus I almost always settle down in the seats by Starbucks. It is just more convient with me having all my classes in that building. Plus when it gets really cold outside, I can stay warm inside, and not have to go outside until I have to leave. Even when I just plan to sit down by Starbucks and not buy anything, all it takes is for that smell of coffee to hit my nose. Then I am pulling out my wallet to spend more money on a drink that would probably cost me a lot less to just make at home.

The holiday drinks have been my weak spot the past couple months. In October it was the pumpkin spice latte that they brought back. Clearly I had to buy that drink in every possible form and temperature just because it was a holiday drink that they do not always have on the menu. I am not one to order something that is not on the menu, so that is pretty much the reason why I feel like I need to take advantage of it when it is on the menu. Starting at the beginning of this month, November, they started with the peppermint mocha back on their menu. That is the one drink that I have loved for years upon years of holiday drinks from Starbucks. I could drink it hot, cold, or really ice cold. When I smell that peppermint it really brings me into the holiday spirit.

My Starbucks addiction is only going to get worse, as the classes I have next semester are also all in the Social Sciences building. I probably should look into getting that rewards app on my phone. Maybe then I could save a dollar or two.


I’m addicted to Starbucks holiday drinks. My question of the day for you all:

What is your favorite holiday drink at Starbucks?

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