Tornado Warning, Exams, and My Furbabies (Blogmas Day 1)

Hi friends!32

So since my last blogpost Is Blogmas a Thing? I looked into what others typically do for Blogmas. I think I’ll just kind of do my own thing, and see what happens. That way I can lower the expectations for what will happen here. There is no telling what I will actually make out of this Blogmas experience, but we’ll just feel it out.

Technically my first Blogmas day was actually yesterday, and I wrote out a blog post last night about my day. So this is kind of what ended up happening:

After driving to campus in the pouring rain, I finally get to where I am supposed to be an hour early for my exam. Which is what I wanted, as I wasn’t sure how the weather would be. Of course, while I was looking over my notes, I hear people talking about a tornado warning for the county I live in. Which of course, my first thought was My furbabies are all alone. That was all I could think about. I was trying to study, but I kept thinking about my cat and dog freaking out and being alone. They are terrible in storms. The cat meows like she is going to die, and the dog barks every 2 seconds. His old bones can’t handle jumping around that much anymore, but he still tries.

When it was finally said that the tornado didn’t even get to the area I live in, I was finally ready to start studying again. But, of course, there was a tornado for Kennesaw Georgia. Which was right where I was. So new drama started with all the students getting multiple texts, emails, and calls from the university. Of course we all end up fine and well, but it was a lot of stress for one amount of time.

After taking my exam(the only reason I drove the hour to campus)that took me all of ten minutes to take, I drove home, and was welcomed by my furbabies. Well by my dog. My cat just wanted me to go feed her, and didn’t really give a damn about saying hi to me.


Nothing else really happened today, other than me eating lots and lots of peanut m&m’s, and way too much hershey kisses. My question of the day for you all:

How do your furbabies act in a storm?

Thank you all for reading. Be sure to link your own blog, Twitter, Instagram down below for me to get to know you.


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