Christmas with American Dad? (Blogmas Day 2)

Hi friends!33

I’m sure you all are familiar with the adult cartoon American Dad, and if you aren’t exactly familiar, I’m sure you probably at least heard the name of it. It is definitely my favorite show to sit down and watch over and over again. I even wrote a blog post about it (Stereotypes in Cartoons: American Dad!).

As it is the month of December, I am all over everything holiday related. Yesterday evening, I spent about four hours watching all of the Christmas episodes from American Dad. It was then that I got an idea of what I wanted to write about in Day 2 of Blogmas. Which of the many Christmas episodes is my favorite?

I finished up my marathon of watching last night, and ran over the list of my choices. I narrowed down my choices by which ones made me laugh the most, then I added in which ones were the most extremely ridiculous ones. Coming up with me choosing Season 6, Episode 8, For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls.

Steve ends up “killing” Santa, then it ends with a massive war with Smiths verses the elves and the very alive Santa. Not only that, but Roger ends up meeting some guy in the mountains who teaches him how to make moonshine. Another big player in the war. I never laughed so much than watching this Christmas episode. I think this definitely deserves a spot on my Christmas Eve To Watch List.


Wars with Santa, moonshine, and family. Lessons of importance learned from this Christmas episode of American Dad. My question of the day for you all:

What is your favorite Christmas episode of American Dad?

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