Holiday Job Frustrations (Blogmas Day 3)

Hi friends!34

So I work at a Six Flags theme park, and I had a wonderful experience working there. Yes there have been a few problems here and there, but I got really lucky. My team members are wonderful, and I got a lot of good hours during the Summer time. However, that last part changed drastically once I started back at school this semester.

At first it was wonderful. I had classes Monday through Thursday, then had work from Friday through Sunday. Yes, everyday of the week was spent with me working or doing school, but that worked for me. I liked staying so busy. In the month of October I took Friday’s off, as I was using that day each week to study for a test to get in the School of Communication at my college. That, and I was beginning to get so incredibly frustrated with how rude and entitled all of the guests to the park were acting. I muted out their selfishness most of the Summer, but all it took was the beginning chills of winter and busy park hours to make it more and more unbearable. As theme park workers, we usually get blamed for everything. All of the guests think that we control things like making the roller coasters function properly, if the cash registers work or not, or how long the lines are. We actually have very little to no control over many things in the park, and we do the best we can. So it’s frustrating when someone comes in expecting us to bend over backwards to the impossible for them, and when we can’t do exactly what they want they want to throw their drinks in our faces or cuss us out.

Once the end of October hit that is when my hours started getting weird. I was hardly getting put on the schedule the month of November. The reason for this was the large amount of employees added to my location. It left for less room for me to be put on the schedule.

It has been frustrating to not have a steady income each week. Having had to spend money on a new radiator for my car and eventually new tires, I kind of needed to to work. So when I didn’t get put on the schedule even after I asked several times over Thanksgiving break, it definetely frustrated me to no end. I finally decided to turn in my two weeks notice when I realized it was going to keep being this way. I really don’t want to go back to be unemployed completely, but maybe I’ll find another job sooner rather than later. Either way, I am done working at a job that is becoming more frustrating than fun and enjoyable.


Working at a theme park isn’t always all that fun. My question of the day for you all:

What is your most frustrating job experience?

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