Q&A ~ Christmas Things(Blogmas Day 8)

Hi friends!45

I love reading blog posts where people answer holiday themed questions. You kind of get an idea of old memories and traditions a person has through these types of questions, and I figured it would be nice to do that for today’s blog post. I hope you all enjoy it!

What is your favorite Christmas movie? Holiday In Handcuffs, hands down! While there are a lot of newer Christmas movies these days, I still always am the first to hit the record button on my television every year for this movie. Even before recording on tv was a thing, I always made sure to move my schedule around to make time to watch this movie. It never gets old to me!

Have you ever had a white Christmas? Probably, but idk. I mean I live in Georgia, so we do get snow. But, the thing about Georgia is that the weather is so unpredictiable. One day it could be 70 degrees outside, and the next it could be -6. Okay, that is a little bit dramatic, but that is pretty accurate to how often it changes. Anyways, I think it has snowed on Christmas before in the past, but these last few years we really just get snow sometime in January/February.

Where do you usually spend your holiday? I usually spend Christmas Eve with my dad’s side of the family. Which I love doing, because I love them all and we all have the best time. The place is a bit different each year house wise. I love having it at my pawpaw’s house. But, to me, it doesn’t really matter where we have Christmas Eve. It just matters that we are spending time with family(cheesy, but that’s okay).

Is your Christmas tree real or fake? Fake, unfortunately. I remember as a kid, I always would get excited to get a real tree. We would go to this Christmas tree farm down the road from where I live, and we’d have so much fun picking out a tree. I love real trees! I believe when I was in late middle school, the owners sold the property or something like that, and we got a fake tree from then on. We actually still have that fake tree though. Half the lights don’t work anymore, and almost all the fake pinecones have fallen off of it. We’re in the process of getting a new one.

Are you a pro at wrapping presents? Well I’m not necessarily a pro, but it definetely is always my favorite thing to do. I have loved wrapping presents since I was a small child. I believe everyone has a different method of doing it just right. I believe that I am good at the way I do it, but someone else might disagree.


There you have it! Five Christmas related questions! I might do another one of these next week. I had a blast doing this! My question of the day for you all:

What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Thank you all for reading. Be sure to link your own blog, Twitter, Instagram down below for me to get to know you.


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