College: When The Grades Come Rolling In (Blogmas Day 18)

Hi friends!62

So after a long day of catching up on my blog posts that I missed over the past few days, I finally decided on today’s blog post. I don’t really plan for it to be all that long, just because I feel like I’ve posted so much content today my head my explode.

I just recently finished up my fifth semester of college, and I am relieved that it is finally over. You would think after the last two years of experience, this fifth semester would be a piece of cake. Not even close. I spent most of the semester constantly worried over every single assignment, quiz, test, speech, or essay. I felt as if I would make a wrong move, and my entire GPA would drop to zero in one night.

Somehow through all that worry and stress, I actually ended the semester fairly confident. I got all A’s. Getting straight A’s hasn’t happened to me in quite sometime. In my past semesters of college there was always one or two classes that would give me a run for my money. Whether it be a class that challenged me or one that I just didn’t care to put effort into. But this semester was different. I knew I needed to keep good grades, as all these classes are key to my major. I’ve never felt more relieved with the turnout after all this hard work.


After all the hard work and stress, I am so incredibly pleased with my grades. Unlike past semesters I was actually excited for the grades to come rolling in. My question of the day for you all:

How do you handle being stressed about final grades?

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