My Daily To-Do List (Blogmas Day 12)

Hi Friends56

I am a big plan ahead type person. Sure, there is a kind of magic in spontaneous moments, but there is also room for anxiety to take over at not being in control. That sounds weird yes, but anxiety doesn’t really have a scheduled appearance. Anyway, I am a big planner person. I love my planner with a passion, and I definitely use it regularly. I thought for today’s blogmas I would share my style of to do list. Since I’m not going to be writing on my planner, I’m adding in a few extra details I normally wouldn’t.

This to-do list is for a day that I have class. No work or anything like that. Here we go!


  • Shower
  • Coffee/catch up on YouTube
  • Get ready for the day
  • Drive to class


  • Sometime in-between classes I usually go get Starbucks, and contemplate my addiction to caffeine
  • I finish up my classes
  • Then I get to drive home


  • Usually I relax once I get home, because traffic
  • Get dressed in pajamas
  • Take out my contacts
  • Take off my makeup
  • Then I love on my furbabies a bit
  • Our evening usually ends with my furbabies and I watching Netflix/catching up on TV shows/or more YouTube videos
  • Sometime in all of this dinner happens
  • As well as the many games I have installed on my phone


  • Turn the lights off downstairs after filling up my knock-off Yeti cup with ice and water (because I’m a broke college student)
  • Brush my teeth
  • Wash my face
  • Adjust my bed so my dog has enough room to lay down without bothering me(he still likes to bother me though)
  • If I have any school work to do I go ahead and get that done first
  • Start up some YouTube videos or Netflix
  • Fill out my planner for the next day (sometimes I do this in the morning)
  • Then I play games on my phone and watch something on my computer until I feel like going to sleep


My day’s vary depending on if it is a work day or if I make plans to go out. But this was just a straightforward school day. My question of the day for you all:

What is on your typical daily to-do list?

Thank you all for reading. Be sure to link your own blog, Twitter, Instagram down below for me to get to know you.


my snapchat: annaissmaxwell

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