Stocking Stuffers: Not as Easy as it Seems (Blogmas Day 13)

Hi Friends!57

Okay, so I just want to go ahead and disclaim that I do love all the posts that generate ideas for what to get people for stocking stuffers(or fillers if that is what you call it). But, sometimes when I read them, I end up still very clueless what to get my family.

Each year when it comes to presents for my family and friends, it is fairly easy. Yes, there is a little bit of questioning them for what they really want, but still I think it ends up satisfactory. The stress comes in with stocking stuffers though. I think I have ideas, but when it comes down to shopping I second guess over and over. I don’t like leaving anyone out, and I certainly don’t want anyone to think I’m picking favorites. With how easy those lists of ideas seem, they are actually a lot harder to match up to in real life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the little lists everyone makes. Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Him for example. Yes, they are probably very helpful to most, but I feel like not everyone’s family members are going to want the same things as other family’s. Plus, there is only so many times you can get someone chapstick and their favorite candy each year before it becomes a little less special and more expected. I like surprises. I like to have something different each year. I think my family does too. I guess it is just a matter of taking what others suggest, and putting my own spin on it.


Of course I will still find myself reading over the list of stocking stuffer ideas everyone posts around this time of year, but I think I’m still better off figuring it out by myself for my own family. My question of the day for you all:

What are your family’s go-to stocking stuffers?

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