Snow: In the South vs. In the North

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On Friday, down south in Georgia, we got a little bit of snow. Accompanying that snow was a good sheet of ice under it. Of course, the entire time we were preparing for the snow, I go onto social media to see the usual northerners making fun of the so-called panic us southerners were going through. It got me thinking about it, and I have to say that our panic is sort-of justified.


In the north, when it gets colder, they usually experience a lot of snow and ice. Not just for a day or a few days, but it can go up to weeks. So naturally when it gets to December or the early months of the year, they prepare themselves because they expect it will happen. They don’t have much people panicking, because they live through it every year.

Unlike the North, the South doesn’t experience up to weeks of snow and icy conditions during the winter time. Yes, we do see more ice than snow itself, but that ice usually is gone mid-day because it is a bit hotter down here. Not only that, we don’t have an idea time period that we are going to get this snow or ice. One year, it could snow on a random weekday in December, the next year in January, the next year in February, or multiple times over those three months. It’s typically only for a few days at most if we do see it, but even then it’s usually not really snowing for more than one day.

Of course we do have those random times where we get a good amount of snow. An amount that we weren’t prepared for. Like in 2014 for example, the news downplayed the snow we were going to get, and it left children staying at school for the night because they couldn’t get home. It left people stranded on roads in the middle of nowhere because that was the only way to get home, and it wasn’t taken seriously enough for them allowed to be let off work early to make it home safely. It left most people having to try to walk home, and roads upon roads were left with abandoned cars. Let’s not get into how many accidents there were, because unlike the North, we don’t just go put snow chains on our tires unless we know for sure the snow will be really bad. If it doesn’t end up snowing, which a lot of the time it doesn’t when they say it will, then buying the snow chains would be pretty useless.

Instances like the snow we had in 2014, that left children stranded at schools overnight, people stranded in the middle of nowhere, and all the accidents that were caused is why people in the South go into a “panic” when the forecast says we’ll have snow. We have one really bad year out of maybe every 3-5 years that will stay on our minds, and we don’t want that to happen again. We’re not conditioned to expect a lot of snow each year, so we have a different reaction than those(like in the North) do. Just like when people in the North are complaining about 90 degree weather, people down South are conditioned to that weather, and are often seeing temperatures reaching around 100 degrees on Summer days. So they don’t have as much of a problem with it.

All in all, obviously it is really easy to call someone a little crybaby just because they are conditioned to something like you are. But, you don’t really know, until you see from the other persons point-of-view.

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