Writing Vs. Speaking (Communication)

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What form of communication best suits you? Is it writing an email to your boss, or going in to speak directly? Is it writing a persuasive paper, or giving a speech? Yes, each one has its own strengths, and sometimes one can be more effective than the other in certain situations. But do you have to use that one that’s seen to be more effective? Not necessarily.

Some people aren’t big on writing. Either it’s just not their thing, or they just don’t feel like that is the best way of communication for them. This is something that most people can discover through writing papers for school. Either with not-so-good grades or just by if they enjoyed the process or not. That’s why when sometimes you can read a paper or a blog post from someone, you get a sense of passion behind their writing. It’s because they enjoyed the process of writing.

On opposite ends, some people aren’t big on speaking. As someone with severe anxiety about everything, a big portion comes from socializing with other people. Involved in this is giving speeches. But, it’s not that I’m terrible at speaking. I’ve been told that verbally I do a good job. It’s that in the moment that I’m speaking, I’m having so much anxiety that I can’t enjoy the process. I can’t live in the moment. So half the time when I finish a speech, I blank out most of it. So when someone tells me I did a good job, I can’t reflect back and agree because I don’t know what in the hell I said in the first place. I find that a good speaker is someone where you can hear the passion and confidence in their voice. Because they enjoy every moment of it.

But, the beauty of a good speaker or a good writer is magical. Someone who shows true passion and confidence is breathtaking and eye-catching. You want nothing more than to hear or read what they have to say next. Not one method is better than the other. It’s all about the speaker/writer that makes a speech or a paper.

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