Taking A Page: What my Book is About

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Here is my fourth TAP(Taking A Page) of the year. This one is a bit shorter that my past ones, but I’m really happy I managed to write something somewhat decent. I wrote this in the middle of the night after a long brainstorming session, and I finally managed to pick what I want my story to be about.


After a lot of sifting through small ideas I’ve had, I finally decided on what I want to write about for my book. I’m not going into too much detail now, but I feel like what I did choose is right up my alley. It’s got a sort of science fiction, fantasy, and utopia type vibe. That may change as I begin the writing process, but that’s the idea right now.

I kind of already started small work on the idea. Just brainstorming some ideas relating to plot, characters, and settings. I think I’m more excited for world building than anything. My story world right now is most definitely going to end up being made up. However, I might base it off certain areas, I haven’t quite decided. That’s the beauty of writing a new book, you have that freedom to make a whole new world, loosely base it off the world today, or plop your story line down in the middle of New York.

I also have a few basic ideas for main characters, as I have been picturing them when I first came up with the story idea a while back. I’ve been kind of developing them along the way. Long story short, I’ve been staying up super late these days, as I keep getting ideas right before going to bed. That’s the best time to write after all.

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