Update on my New Years Resolutions

Hi Friends!52

Being that it’s the last blog post for the month of January, I figured I’d do a check up on my resolutions. As I mention in my New Years Resolutions blog post, I am a big supporter of people who like to make resolutions for the New Year. I hear so much disapproval from people thinking that you shouldn’t make them. Why does it affect your life if I want to make changes for myself in the New Year? Maybe you don’t think you need to make resolutions, and you can do whatever you want to. But I’m going to do me, as you are going to do you.

This year, I only made six bigger resolutions that I want to stick to, and I’m happy to say that I’ve kept up with them this month.

  1. Write in my journal more 
  2. Use my planner to better organize my life
  3. Work on my potential book ideas
  4. Keep up with this blog throughout the year
  5. Adventure more this year
  6. Choose Happiness

The biggest one to me is number six. I made a choice to choose happiness this year, and to try not to live my life unhappy. I’ve had to make some life changes, but that’s part of the process. I am incredibly happy with those choices, and I believe this past month has been a success.

Did you keep your New Years Resolutions? It’s okay if you didn’t. Sometimes there is a little bump in the road, but that’s the beauty of life. You can always keep on driving, and maybe you’ll see less bumps as you go down that road. Or maybe you just need to make a turn or two to before you get back on track. It’s all okay my friends.

Choose Happiness


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