Taking A Page: Head in the Clouds

Hi Friends!53

Here is my fifth TAP(Taking A Page) of the year, as well as my first post in February 2017. This is just a very brief ramble about my slight obsession with those white puffy things up in the sky.


Photography might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But, for me, it’s one of the things I’ve had an interest in since I was a little kid. I was that child who always wanted to use my parents cameras to take videos or pictures. In no way am I calling myself professional, I might as well be the definition of amateur photographer. I’ve found that over the years, my favorite thing to take pictures of is anything that involves nature. Recently I’ve discovered that my cloud obsession has taken up more of my photographs lately. My instagram has been seeing a lot of those clouds photos.

I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s the long drives I take to and from my university that gives me so much time to look at the clouds. Obviously I’m paying attention while driving, but with all the really long red lights I have the time to look at the sky. For some reason over the past few days that’s all I can take pictures of.

Keeping this post short and sweet, I’ll leave you all with some of my cloud pictures 🙂


Photo taken by me

Choose Happiness


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One thought on “Taking A Page: Head in the Clouds

  1. My obsession with photography and clouds began when I was a little girl. My dad works in the field of weather, so his fascination soon rubbed off on me! I still can’t name every type of cloud by looking, but he sure can! The photos are excellent, and I think it’s always lovely to see a big, fluffy cloud in the skies. It means warmer winters, that’s for sure 🙂


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