Dreams: What do they Mean?

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I’ve always had a big interest in my dreams. I like when they don’t make any sense, almost as much as I like when they seem like they reflect events going on in my life. I love to wake up and try to figure out what they mean. I actually have started keeping a dream journal, and it’s interesting to see the timeline of dreams. I’ve got to experience having a dream for a second time, and I’ve got to go back and compare it to the first time I had it. It’s a strangely cool thing to do.


People have all sorts of dreams. The good, the really freaking good, the bad, the scar you for life type bad, the satisfying dreams, and many more. My dream that inspired this blog posts was one of those satisfying dreams. Now, get your mind out of the gutter people. It’s not THAT type of dream, and I’m pretty sure most of us know what I mean by THAT. I’m not saying that other people can’t classify one of those dreams as satisfying. But in this moment by “satisfying” I mean the kind of dream that happens after you make a decision in your life that confirms the reasons why you made that decision.

For example, my big decision I made was to let a friend go. Someone who just wasn’t that good of a friend, but I had been hanging on to in hopes that the person would change. Yesterday was kind of the last straw type of moment, and I had made the decision last night to make the change. Something I’m doing a lot of this year so far.

My dream last night seemed to kind of confirm my decision, as it reminded me the less than good side to my friend. It reminded me of the qualities that I didn’t like, and to not be so quick as to change my mind and accept this person back as a friend. So when I woke up it was kind of refreshing. While I sat there in bed for a while, I found myself actually happy that I had the dream. Happy that my brain somehow managed to confirm my thoughts about this friend.

Now, could this just be something that happens? You think about something a lot, then you dream about. Or is this just my sub-conscious trying to speak up and remind myself why I made the decision? Or is it a random coincidence, and it’s just a bunch of neurons firing in my brain to create this dream? I don’t know. Dreams have that mysterious quality about them, and I’m choosing to believe in this case that my brain is just confirming my decision. What do you think it means?

 Choose Happiness


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4 thoughts on “Dreams: What do they Mean?

  1. Dreams are supposed to be indicative of thoughts about your reality, but I had a very strange dream once that I cannot conceive as meaning anything. I always love to look up the meanings on dream dictionaries 🙂 I like your blog so far and will follow! Twitter: @StateOfLawson


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