Taking A Page: Characters or Plot First?

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Here is my sixth TAP(Taking A Page) of the year, and another sorta kinda writing update about my book that I’m working on.


I feel like it is to each their own when it comes to deciding characters or plot first. Sometimes you can find yourself inspired to write a really great plot, and the characters come later in the process. Or sometimes you can write the plot, and the characters come in as you are writing. Or sometimes you find that creating the characters is the first task on your to-do list for your new book, and the plot is just going to be a jumbled mess until you get your characters straightened out. That’s what I’m choosing to do.

Some people think that you must have the story down before you develop the characters, but I feel like in this case with this particular story idea I have, the character development is key to writing the story line just right. I don’t want to get into the idea I have yet, but I do say that the history in the characters sets the line for not only the story, but for the settings in the story. The ideas behind the way the society works, lies with the characters and their histories. Sometimes it is important to do what you think is right for your own story. You don’t have to follow the guidelines for someone else, as they might not work for you.

I am not set in stone in the idea that I have to completely write everything out for the characters now. There are probably going to be changes along the way, more characters added, more characters taken out. The only thing I know is that for my story I have to at least have the main cast and some minor characters details worked out. Would you like to see my process once I really get hammering down on those characters? I would be happy to share. I think I might do that blog post soon.

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