Taking A Page: When You’re Own Writing Hits Home

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Here is my seventh TAP(Taking A Page) of the year, and it has to do with all the emotional feels of writing.


Have you ever been writing, and you find yourself getting pulled into the story? It feels like nothing else around you exists, and it’s just you and your story. You feel like you’re with the characters. You feel what they feel. Today was one of those moments. I was listening to music, and writing a particularly sad scene. The combination of the music and words on the page had me tearing up. I honestly can say that I haven’t had many moments where I find myself actually crying at my own writing. I’ve had close calls, but nothing like today.

I feel like there is a point in your writing where you can connect on that deep level with your characters. So when they say something funny, you laugh at their jokes. When something good happens, you are celebrating for them. Or when something so sad or bad happens in their life, you grieve with them.

It’s like you have the idea of an event that would just tear your character to pieces. You think nothing of it because it’s just an idea. But when you actually sit down to put a pen to paper(or in my case type on a keyboard) to write the story idea out, you get pulled in. Word for word, you start to feel that intensity of the moment. The translation of the meaning behind those words gets you caught up, and you dig deep down to those feelings. Before you know it, you’re sitting there crying as you type out the scene.

Something like that can really take you off guard. It opens your eyes to the fact that you’re at a point where those characters really mean something to you. That they are like apart of your family. I don’t know. Maybe that’s just me. But tonight was just one of those nights where my characters and my writing hit home.

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