Review: NCIS Los Angeles (S8:Episode Payback)

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I’m going to do something I haven’t really tried before on this blog. It might work out, it might not. We’ll just roll what it and see what happens. Today, I’m going to be reviewing last nights episode of the hit TV show NCIS: Los Angeles. So if you don’t want any spoilers, click away immediately!!!! I also want to disclaim this blog post is going to be a lot longer than usual.


So these past few episodes of the show have been revolving around finding the mole that had infiltrated NCIS, and had been causing them hell for quite a while now. And by quite a while, I mean FOR FREAKING EVER! I feel like this mole was kind of ignored for a good amount of the season this season and last season, and I think the one before that too. (I can’t recall the exact season the mole came into the picture). But I do remember the end of last season, and screaming at my television WHAT ABOUT THE FREAKING MOLE? As they just kind of focused on other events. I honestly felt like I was the only one concerned about it for a while, as our favorite characters had more pressing things to do. Haha.

They finally ended the mole’s game!

Onto last nights episode, we finally ended the mole’s game. Kensi remained kidnapped for most of the episode, Granger lowkey killed someone trying to kill him at the hospital(like a freaking badass)(as well as RIP Miguel Ferrer), Joelle returned only to be revealed to be a CIA agent to have been working with the mole(feeling bad for Callen right now), and Sabatino is missing again by the end of the episode.

Going into more detail, Kensi was finally rescued towards the end of the episode. There was a really adorable Kensi and Deeks moment of course. But, I think my favorite part was that Deeks didn’t even hesitate in killing Kensi’s kidnapper. Deeks was really acting stressed out and a little hostile the whole episode, but seeing how incredibly happy he was when Kensi was finally safe was him being back to his normal self.

Then with Granger in the hospital, it appeared he was asleep when some woman snuck into his room. She was trying to kill him, but he ended up shooting her. Joelle… Well to be honest, I’m not really fond of her character so I wasn’t really that disappointed to find her working with the bad guys (I’m Team Callen/Anna for sure). Sabatino gets caught up in this bad guy stuff, then runs off at the end of the episode. Oh, and at the end of the episode there was a really nice scene between Hetty and Granger. Talking about how everything was okay now (I Got all the feels).

Who is A.J Chegwidden?

One thing I did want to talk about is Hetty’s friend that showed up, A.J Chegwidden. Someone who has occurred on the original NCIS, and is now showing up here on Los Angeles. I’m curious to see what will happen with his character. The first vibe I got from him was that the show might potentially be adding him onto the show after the loss of Miguel Ferrer and his character Granger. He just kind of holds the same air that Granger once did for the team. I don’t know… Maybe I’m just looking too far into it, but that’s just the vibe right now.

Overall, the episode was a pretty good one. I spent a lot of the episode wondering if we’d ever find out if Kensi was safe, but thankfully they didn’t keep us waiting another long two weeks. What were your thoughts on the episode?

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2 thoughts on “Review: NCIS Los Angeles (S8:Episode Payback)

  1. Hi,
    Nice blog.
    Also I’m SO glad they ‘finally’ finished the mole storyline, you are not alone in asking the ‘what about the mole’ at the end of last season.

    FYI A.J Chegwidden was one of the main characters on JAG (He was in charge of Judge Advocate General – aka the Lawyrers of the Navy), the 10 season show that spun off NCIS (you might want to check out its backdoor 2 part pilot). (more info here

    It was really great to see him again.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I don’t know if you got the same feeling, but it was kind of odd to me that Hetty didn’t just tell Granger straight up at the end of the episode that they got the mole. Maybe that was just me over-analyzing, but it seemed strange. And I’ll definetely have to look up more on A.J. I’m really excited to see if he’ll be joining the cast on this show or if it was just a one time thing. Thanks for commenting. 🙂


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