Taking A Page: Reaction to Finishing The Office

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Here is my 8th TAP(Taking A Page) of the year, and it has to do with my reaction to finishing The Office. I found this journal entry I had actually wrote on my phone back on January 2nd, the day I finished the show. I figured that this needed to be shared, so that is what I’m doing this weeks TAP on. I hope you all enjoy!


You know when you start to watch a TV show it can be for many different reasons. Maybe you are bored and need something to pass the time. Maybe it was recommended to you by a friend. Or maybe it is the TV version of a book you read.

The Office was something I had wanted to watch for a while, but kept putting it off. By the time I started watching it, it was already off air. A friend recommended it to me again, and I finally got around to start watching it a couple of months ago. After a long two months, I finally got around finishing the show today…

I have never cried so much. I am not a heartless person, no matter how much I like to joke around and say I am. But, I have to say that I am usually the person who laughs at sad or bad things that happened in TV shows or movies. This is mostly due to my inappropriate reaction to stuff like that. Anyway, for some reason, this show hit home for me. I cried through the last couple episodes of the show. The video Jim made for Pam, Angela and Dwight’s proposal scene, and then practically the whole finale.

This was one of those shows that I felt like I had connected with the characters. The documentary style of filming of the show made the characters seem more real I guess. I remember when I watched the first episode of the show I was actually not a big fan of that style just because I wasn’t used to it. But now I can’t imagine the show being any different. All in all, it was an excellent show. I loved every episode, every character, and every story line. I am so incredibly happy that I got to experience this show in all its glory.


To this day (2/23/17) I haven’t yet gone back to re-watch any of the show. Which is odd for someone like me who likes to re-watch TV shows over and over. I feel like the first time watching it was such an amazing experience that I don’t know how it would be going back the second time. I don’t want to be disappointed because I enjoyed the show so much the first go around. Maybe I’ll get around to re-watching it some day, but for right now I’ll just keep on enjoying that first experience as long as I can.

Choose Happiness


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