Monday Motivation ~ 2/27/17

Hi Friends!60

Nothing like waking up at 7 a.m. on Monday morning to start the week off right. With a busy next two weeks ahead of me, I need as much of a head start as I can get. I spent much of last week really stressed over things going on in my school life, and I feel like that stress is just going to keep on coming for the next few weeks. I have two midterms this week(plus a really important test for my major), two midterms next week, and I have a whole lot of papers mixed into that. I definitely need to do my best to keep it together to keep away from the dark times at 2 a.m. crying on the floor of my shower.

With that in mind, I came up with some goals to help me through this busy Monday and the rest of my week.

  1. Fill out my planner this week, and don’t slack off on writing down daily successes as those are motivators in themselves.
  2. Get in some exercise during all this work. Not only will it give me a much-needed break, but it will keep me from getting stir-crazy at home.
  3. Even though I will be super busy, I’m going to try to get in as much healthy eating as I can. It’s really easy to grab a bag of chips over making a salad or even a sandwich.
  4. Stay off of Netflix and away from Dance Moms… Okay, so I don’t know how well this one is going to work out, but my goal is to work more and have fun later.
  5. Be happy. Sometimes when I get stressed, I get more irritated with life things. I need to just take a breath and put a smile on my face. There is no reason for me to turn into a stressed out grouch.

Fitness Specifics: yoga every morning and evening, and cardio for dayssss

Choose Happiness


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3 thoughts on “Monday Motivation ~ 2/27/17

  1. These are all such brilliant ideas for a stressful week! I’m impressed you started out with a blog post- often something that falls to the wayside when I’m stressed. These will all be perfect reminders and I hope you succeed in all 5 and have a great week!


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  3. Great list! I am a bit of a list freak – if I have lots to do then getting it down on paper really helps take the fear out of it for me!


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