Taking A Page: College Midterm Hell

Hi Friends!1

Here is my 9th TAP(Taking A Page) of the year, and it is all about my stressful college midterms and really annoying professors. I hope you all enjoy.


Well I think it’s finally hitting that midpoint in the semester. It is no longer an occasional assignment every once in a while or a quiz here and there. It’s midterm after midterm, essay after essay, and random quizzes just falling from the sky like the downpours of rain we have been having the past week or so.

Usually I have a better idea of when all the chaos that comes with midterms will start, but this semester I found myself quite surprised. One day I was having normal class time, the next all my professors were like, “by the way, your midterm is next week, your eight page essay is due next class along with your group assignment, and you have a quiz due at midnight on all the material I just gave you today”. Now imagine that 4x, and that’s my life with my classes right now.

Along with my really busy schedule, I have this one class where my professor just assumes that her class is the only one we’re taking, and overloads us with work. Then she proceeds to complain when her impossible long list of tasks isn’t done to her standards when we get back into class each week. I’m not over-exaggerating either. She gives a chapter to read each week from the book, which is about 30-50 pages. On top of that we get about 5-8 online readings that each range from about 5-15 pages each. Usually we get a video or two to watch and take notes on each week too. All that aside, we have to write a 500-700 blog post(we have a class blog) on everything from that week. Along with that blog post we have to incorporate some sort of Multi-Media component. Which is usually a video or a few images. However, these videos can’t just be picked from the internet. We have to make them ourselves. With music, narration, written text, all that jazz. To top it all off, once we finish all that we have to go review three of our classmates blog posts for that week. Which consist of a two page detailed review on their work…

I’m probably one of the only students that usually has all the work done each week, and she still has the audacity to complain to me about my lack of work I put in this class. She also likes to change directions on assignments. Like she’ll give us an assignment with directions clear as day, but when we come into class the next week she’ll say we did something wrong. BUT NO WHERE ON HER DAMN ASSIGNMENT DIRECTIONS SAYS THAT WHAT WE DID WAS WRONG. For example, my professor said our video assignment needed to include words AND/OR narration. Which typically means that you do not have to have both, but according to my professor our videos HAD to have narration. I’m like, “do I need to read your assignment directions to you?”… Professor from hell much?

This semester has been pretty easy going up until this point, but I’m definetely feeling the stress now. I’m just ready for Spring Break!

Choose Happiness


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