Taking A Page: My Best and Worst College Professors

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Here is my 10th TAP(Taking A Page) of the year, and it is all about my best and worst college professors.


Throughout most people’s college careers, they come across the amazing professor that they will remember for years. They will also probably come across a professor that they wouldn’t ever take again even if they’re life depended on it. I feel like I’ve come across both those professors in one semester. What are the odds that I find both in one semester? And just how can I make that decision when I still have a year or a year and a half left of college?

Screenshot_20170309-100125 (1)The professor I consider the best is actually one of those I wouldn’t have expected. The class is from 5-7:45 p.m., and I did not like the class because of the time in the first place. However, this professor just brings life to the class full of extremely tired students. He speaks freely, and doesn’t hold back on things he probably shouldn’t say(which is hilarious). I’m often active on Twitter during this class every Wednesday, and tweeting about the stuff he says or does.

I feel like the only reason why I look forward to that 2 hour 45 minute class every Wednesday is because I know that even if I’m tired, he’ll somehow make the class interesting and funny and keep me distracted. I honestly couldn’t tell you the last time I met someone who was so open and honest with their students too. It’s like he doesn’t have a filter most of the time, and just says whatever he’s thinking. I don’t think I’ll be forgetting him anytime soon.


Where there is good professors, there are not-so-good professors. I actually may have briefly mentioned this next professor a time or two. Which is understandable because she has literally been the worst thing that’s happened to me so far in 2017. I knew from the get-go that this class(Study of Digital Rhetoric) was not going to be a fun class, just by looking at the starting requirements this professor had listed. But, I was in a pinch because I needed the class to remain a full-time student verses a part-time.

This professor is the professor who once you finish her nearly impossible lists of tasks each week, she’ll give you more work on top of it. I say that her work is nearly impossible, because she’ll give you approximately one big assignment that will take you at least two or three days to complete, then about six or seven smaller assignments as well. But the catch is, you only have five days to get that work done. Which I guess could be manageable if you didn’t have three or four other classes you’re having to do work in, or work or other activities in your life.

On top of her workload, she also is the kind of professor who is the worst at giving directions. She’ll give you an assignment with what seems like straight forward directions one week, but the next week she’ll tell you that you did half of it wrong. Then proceeds to say that you should read the directions more carefully… Out of all the students in the class, I’m probably the only one that actually ends up meeting her ridiculous demands each week for assignments(just barely), and I’m also probably the only one that she gets onto the most about not meeting assignment demands. I’ve literally sat in class, and pointed out her changing directions on assignments after we’ve already turned them in. Which she gets all flustered and tries to deny it, but I’m done taking her crap. Everyone else in my class feels the same way. If anything, if you are going to give a ridiculous amount of assignments each week, then you can’t expect perfection. Let alone everything to be done the way you wanted. Plus, we’re not mind readers. If you want something done a certain way, you have to write it out in the assignment directions. You can’t expect us to know what you’re thinking.

Alright, I think I’m going to stop there before I go off on a rant that I’m sure most people would not be able to get through without ordering me a therapist haha. Thank you all for reading this week 🙂

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