Goodbye Vampire Diaries

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As you can tell, this post is just going to be me being a rambling mess about how one of my favorite TV shows coming to an end. So let’s get through this painful mess of writing I did post watching the finale of the show. WARNING: Spoilers are below, so be warned!


So going into the finale, I knew we would see Katherine, and I also knew someone big was going to die. I do have to say that when Katherine appeared as Elena at first, I definitely knew that it was Katherine. I just had a gut feeling, and I ended up being right about that. It makes me wonder about how Katherine knew Elena’s situation though. I mean is there a window up from hell or something? How did Katherine know about it?

That moment when Caroline and Stefan were parting for the last time I got this strange sense of they may never see each other again. I don’t know why because it’s not like I knew it would be Stefan dying or anything like that. It was just a weird feeling. But it gave me all the emotional feels.

Who dies?

I actually did believe that Damon was going to be the one to sacrifice his life in the end. I didn’t want to believe it, but there was just a moment where I was convinced. However, as soon as they showed that scene with Elena and Stefan meeting in the school, I knew it ended up being him who died. Which of course had me crying like a baby, and I pretty much stayed that way through the rest of the episode. I feel sad that Stefan ended up dying, but in a way it kind of seemed to fit just right into the story.

I haven’t yet really touched on Bonnie and Enzo, but all I have to say is that I really wished Enzo would have come back to life. But, since he didn’t, I really did appreciate when he was supporting Bonnie, and being an amazing person like always. I did kind of want to see what happened with them in the end of the series. Like if they reunite. But I guess they just didn’t have time.

To be quite honest, I was not that impressed with the Damon and Elena reuniting once she woke up scene. Maybe that’s because I knew it was going to happen. Or maybe it was just because it honestly just seemed rushed to me. I don’t know… I just wasn’t that ecstatic about it.


Overall, I really appreciate how it ended with Stefan and Damon reuniting again. That made the series feel whole with the two Salvatore brother coming together in the end. I also thought it was nice to have Elena reuniting with her family too.

Like I said, I would have loved to find out what happened with Bonnie and Enzo in the end, and maybe more closure on Caroline. The last of them to be a vampire. Did she take the cure from Damon when he died? Or is she going to live on her immortal life? (I have heard rumors of a potential spin-off for Caroline down the line, so let’s cross our fingers) I feel like all the small left out details aside, I was very pleased and content with how this series ended. I’m definitely going to have to re-watch it all over again on Netflix soon. What were your thoughts on the finale?

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