Taking a Page: Thoughts Before Bed

Hi Friends!7

Here is my 12th TAP(Taking A Page) of the year, and it’s just me writing down some thoughts on what I think about before I go to sleep.


I feel like my bedtime routine has been pretty solid for several years now. I brush my teeth, then get into bed to watch a show or two on Netflix. When it comes to actually trying to sleep I always find myself making up stories as I go to sleep. I don’t really talk about this that often, but I actually write fanfiction stories. I write mostly for some anime that I grew up watching. This has been going on since about 2010, and I still do this to this day.

I feel like what ends up helping me fall asleep is filling my mind with creativity before falling asleep. Some people like to not think about anything, but I find when I do that I have room to start over thinking. It’s kind of like a distraction from my overthinking side that I get from having anxiety. I create these stories in my head(that sometimes branch off from my own fanfiction stories). It not only keeps me distracted, but I feel like it gets me to sleep easier.

The only downside I’ve ever experienced from this method is when I actually get a solid story idea. A story idea that I would like to pursue further than just the thoughts in my mind. This usually ends up with me staying up half the night to actually write down my idea, and all the other ideas that come from it. But I’ve actually wrote a couple good fanfictions from using this method, so I feel like it’s not that terrible. I feel like if I didn’t have this method, going to sleep would be a lot more difficult for me.

How do you like to go to sleep? What method do you use? Do you like to think of certain things? Or think of nothing at all?

Choose Happiness


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