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So after last night’s The Walking Dead finale, I had to write some thoughts down, and somehow made a blog post out of it! So below lies all my rambling thoughts about the season 7 finale, The First Day of the Rest of Your Life. There are going to be a bunch of spoilers, so if you haven’t watched it, I recommend watching it first before reading! Let me know in the comments below your thoughts on the finale.

So I’m going to start of talking about Dwight. I was more than pleased to see him talking about how he wanted to fight against Negan. Now, I kind of had a feeling things weren’t going to go as planned, but even as he stood by Negan’s side during all of the tense exchange, I knew we couldn’t count him out. Sure enough at the end of the episode, Daryl finds that chess piece, and it was confirmed that our good friend Dwight wasn’t being shady.


When Hilltop joined the fight at the end, I was not at all surprised. I knew Maggie was hell-bent on helping. But can we just talk about that baby we saw! Is that Maggie and Glenn’s baby?! First of all, when did Maggie give birth, and second of all why was there not a bigger deal about it? This is Glenn’s legacy, and I definitely think that deserves some attention!

The Kingdom

Like always, when any scene with the Kingdom happens, I was happy with it all. Morgan seems to still be grieving the death of Benjamin, but I think he’s slowly healing. I was really happy to see Shiva rocking it, and pretty much everything with King Ezekiel is my favorite scene. I was also really happy to see Carol back and being a bad ass.

The Scavengers

I’m not going to lie, I really never liked the Junkyard people(The Scavengers). From the beginning there always seemed to be something sketchy about them. Jadis always pointed out that they weren’t fighting people. They “never bother”. So I think it was safe to say that from the beginning, their agreement to help fight was shady.

Rick, Carl, Michonne

When Negan was threatening to kill Carl right before Shiva came in and saved the day, I honestly thought they were planning to end the season with someone getting lucilled in the same sense that the ended the last season. Or I wondered if they’d cut of Rick’s hand then. I honestly was happy to see Rick not back down. As for Michonne, I was all about to quit Walking Dead forever when I thought they killed her off, but thankfully she killed the other woman instead. When she and Rick reunited I was feeling all the feels.


As for Eugene, I was really not impressed with him going along with Negan in the first place, but also not surprised. He adapts to situations in order to survive. I felt for him in the end of the last season, and when Abraham died. But, he’s really got on my nerves more times than I have felt sorry for him. I was more than shocked though when Rick had agreed to sacrifice Eugene if it meant killing Negan. It didn’t work anyways, but still when he and Sasha spoke before they left the sanctuary I felt a sense of maybe he’ll return back to the good side. To be honest, I thought he was going to get lucilled at the end, as Negan seemed suspicious. But he was lucky I guess.


That leads me to Sasha. I feel like the Sasha and Abraham scenes kind of gave us a real feel for what was their relationship. It kind of gave away that she was indeed going to take the pill Eugene gave her, and I felt like what she did for the group was an honorable sacrifice. It certainly was awesome when Negan opened the coffin and out came walker Sasha. Each time that they showed the Maggie and Sasha scene I grew more and more intrigued by it, and when they showed the last one I felt all the feels. Then the end when Jesus and Maggie came across Sasha and had to kill her, I felt terrible.

And finally, Negan

As for Negan, I honestly really like his character. He is the most evil person on the planet it seems, but he is actually a charismatic and great leader. Sure sometimes he kills his people, but even he has morals. He’s a mystery. I am a little disappointed that the Negan chapter didn’t end with this season finale. I don’t know if I can make it more episodes with dragged out Negan scenes. As much as I like him, it seems that every scene he is in drags on and gets boring really quickly. Maybe that’ll change next season.

Overall, the episode had its ups and downs. I liked the feels moments, and was annoyed with some of the Negan related moments. But I feel like it’ll be interesting to see the war next season. I also think it’ll be interesting to see if we’ll see anymore interactions between ocean side and Alexandria. I was disappointed they didn’t come into fight, but maybe we’ll see them in the big bad war in the future. For those of you who watch the show, what are some of your thoughts on the finale? Were you disappointed, satisfied, or somewhere in-between?

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