Dreams: The Meaning of Bad Dreams

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I am one of those people who either find interest in figuring out my dreams, or try to forget them as soon as I wake up. I’m kind of in-between believing dreams are trying to tell us something, and that they have no meaning what-so-ever. My first dream blog post, I talk about a dream where I think it meant something. Today, I’m talking about a dream that I wish didn’t mean a thing.


It is kind of funny how we can look back and only remember certain dreams over the course of our lives. Maybe it is because some are scarring nightmares that you won’t ever forget. Or some are really good dreams that you never want to let go. Or some are one’s that reappear every once in a while, and you had a dream about it so many times that you can’t forget it even if you tried.

When it comes to bad dreams/nightmares, why is it that those types of dreams seem to stick more than others? I mean I guess when you dream about something that you fear or makes you sad it can really hit a nerve. Or maybe it’s because something in that dream really hits home that makes it even worse, and more memorable. Sometimes it doesn’t even have to be possible for it to hit home.


When I was young(around 7 or 8 years old) I had a nightmare that my most precious stuffed animal was after me, and was alive in the sense that it could follow me but not speak to me. I couldn’t get away from the stuffed animal, and it scared me. I remember waking up and crying and going into my mom’s room. I kept having the dream each time I closed my eyes, and that just made it worse.

As an almost 21-year-old young adult, I think to myself about the dream occasionally. It was so scarring for me as a child that I still remember it today. It’s funny though because I still slept with that stuffed animal every night, and it is still on my bed to this day. The one thing I don’t understand is how that nightmare came about. Wouldn’t it be every child’s dream to have their stuffed animal to come to life?

I loved all the Toy Story movies growing up. I used to read this book called “The Doll People” that was about dolls that came to life. So it didn’t make sense for my dream to scare me so much. Is it some other feeling being tied into the dream? Or is it my brain just being all twisty and weird?


Over the course of the years in my life, one thing I can say is that usually my bad dreams don’t seem to tie into my real life that often. Or at least, not in an obvious way to me. When I can find connections, I feel like it is my subconscious telling me things I worry about that could possibly happen.

What do you think your bad dreams mean? Are they just random made up dreams or are they a reflection of the things you worry about? Or both?


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One thought on “Dreams: The Meaning of Bad Dreams

  1. I think I’m with you – in the sense that I really don’t know what my dreams mean. Mostly, I am entertained by them. In the past, as a sufferer of sleep paralysis, I placed a lot more stock in my dreams actually meaning something. As I began to educate myself on such things, I found that the mind does a really good job of trying to make sense out of chaos. Dreams are no exception. I’ve certainly found myself living somethings I’ve dreamed before, but life is too robust for there not to be “serendipitous” moments like that. What I think is most important, relative to our dreams, is how we interpret them for ourselves and use the experiences and lessons we learn in our dreams to grow and become better people.

    All that to say, I really enjoyed your post. Nice to know there is a kindred spirit out there (potentially) who is as mystified, confused, but pleasantly entertained by their dreams as I am. 🙂

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