Taking A Page: My Biggest Regret in College

Hi friends!12

This is my 14th TAP of the year! This journal entry wasn’t a really long one, but I felt like it was one to share with the world so here we go!


I feel like everyone makes a bad choice every so often in their life. To be honest, I feel like it is really like a few times a week I make minor bad choices. I’d even go as far to say at least once a day. Everyone’s definition of what exactly makes a choice “bad” differs, but I think it is anything that I regret or something I wish that I could do differently.

One of my biggest regret is not joining any clubs or activities my freshman year of college. Yes, I went out with my friends a lot, and I did do stuff with them. I mean like actual clubs and organizations. I feel like doing that would have expanded my views and social circles that first year. Maybe it would have helped me discover where I was going with my degree. Or maybe it would have introduced me to opportunities for a job or an internship. Sure I can do all that stuff now, and have done some of that stuff to get more involved. But I think I would have done better starting earlier.

Right now it looks like I’ll be graduating in December 2018. Which it was originally supposed to be Spring 2018, but I got pushed back a semester due to lack of classes to sign up to this current semester. So I am a Junior right now, and have about a year and a half left. I ideally would like to get a job an internship that will help towards my major, and the internship would be a good fit in the Summer or next Summer. But it is kind of unfortunate that I’m kind of just getting to that now.

I mean I can’t turn back time. So looking back on this regret I have really won’t do much for me. I guess the one thing it can do is to remind me to continue to be active in college now, and try harder to integrate myself into campus activities.

 Choose Happiness


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