Taking A Page: College Finals

Hi Friends!14

This is my 15th TAP of the year! This journal entry was super quick thoughts on the torture of finals coming up!


With the semester coming to a close, all my professors talk about now is finals. Which is actually quite understandable. This week is the last week of actual classes, as next week is finals. I’m already feeling the stressed out feelings, but I’m trying to do some damage control.

By ‘damage control’ I mean I’m trying to make my finals week go a lot more smoothly. Usually what happens the week before finals is a lot of procrastination. That is typically the time where I discover a new Netflix show, or I’ll start re-watching a show that I have already watched ten thousand times. This time I’m trying to prevent the mega-stressed out episodes that usually end with me having a mental breakdown, and crying on the floor of my shower at 3 a.m.

I have one class(Global Media Systems) where the final is actually today, and I don’t have too much to prepare for. My Communication Research Methods class has a huge paper and a presentation for the final, and I have already started working on parts of the literature review now to help damage control. My film and video productions class also has a paper, and a really big test to prepare for. I’m going to start writing that paper hopefully this weekend. As for my last class, Writing for Digital Rhetoric, I have about ten thousand assignments left in that class, and a final exam. That class has been my least favorite the entire semester, purely because the workload is more like what to expect from all four classes of mine combined. The professor is the kind that complains even if the tiniest thing is missed on her impossible list of things to do each week too. I’m hoping to finish at least half the work load for that class by Wednesday of this week to help keep my stress levels down.

On top of school, I also have other writing projects that I’m working on, and one of which needs to be done by the end of the month. So I pretty much have this week to get it all together. Let’s cross our fingers that I can manage to actually to get all my work done, and I wish everyone else good luck who is going through finals or about to go through finals. 🙂

 Choose Happiness


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