How To Cheer Someone Up!

Hi Friends!16

So a few weekends ago my mom and I took a spur of the moment road trip to Alabama to surprise my sister, as she had a rough time during finals. The key word being surprise. We drove over an hour to get from home in Georgia to my sister’s college completely unsure as to if she was even going to be there when we showed up.

On our drive over, we decided to stop by her work first, and she ended up not being there. So we started driving to her apartment, and we actually ended up passing her as she was on her way to work. She didn’t see us, so we came up with this master plan to get her roommate to let us in, and we’d decorate her room. After getting a whole bunch of decorations and some Dunkin Donuts. We went to her apartment and got to decorating.

Mind you, we had gone to Dollar Tree to get the decorations. So it was all pretty cheap, but it would get the job done. We ended up choosing a beach theme. Only because it was either that, graduation theme, or plain boring decorations. We got balloons, streamers, strings, and more.


she has no clue

After decorating her room with everything we had bought, we got back in the car and drove all the way back to her work. Which, at this point, a few hours had gone by, so she was able to go on break and eat with us. We convinced her we had driven all the way to Alabama just to eat lunch with her, and she had no clue we had been at her apartment. It wasn’t until almost one in the morning(midnight for her because of the time difference) that she finally snapchatted and texted us her surprise when it came to the decorations.

I feel like just seeing her smile, not only when she showed us her reaction to her room, but when we came up to visit, it meant something. It was nice to see her cheered up and happy. I understand what it feels like when grades don’t go the way you want it to, and I hope that we helped her feel just a little bit better. Nothing feels better than being able to help cheer someone up when they are down.

Choose Happiness


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