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Over the weekend I went out to do some life things, which included getting my mother’s car oil changed, going shopping, and most importantly eating Buffalo Wild Wings. One of my most favorite places to go out to eat at. I’m sure some people don’t think that is all that exciting, but I find looking to small events in life as adventures make life a whole lot more fun.

After stopping by and grabbing some new lipstick from Ulta(NYX Lingerie is my new obsession), we walked right into Forever 21. My happy place, and the place where I found the inspiration for this blog post. Babe.

Every time I walk into Forever 21, I want to buy everything. I can’t say that I have ever walked into a Forever 21, and have not wanted to buy the entire store. There may have been one time a few years ago where I said I didn’t want anything, but I guarantee that is probably just because I was broke and probably still in high school.

This time when I walked in, I was greeted with a whole bunch of colorful shirts that attracted my eye. If you know me personally, you know that my normal daily attire is in the color range of light gray to the darkest shade of black. My wardrobe could definitely use some new colorful pieces. So, with that in mind, I settled on this multi-colored taco shirt, because I love tacos and it fits in with my whole colorful idea. Before I could so much as walk towards the register this pink babe shirt caught my eye. For some reason, it spoke to me on a whole different level than the taco shirt did. Without hesitation, I put the taco shirt back and got myself the pink babe shirt.


Babe 💜😘💋

I feel like “babe” is one of those terms that some people either really love it or really hate it. Or that minor section of people who don’t have a preference. I personally like to use it, and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I feel like the reason why I like it is that it’s not just useful in a relationship. I have called everyone babe for years. Many of my friends, sometimes the occasional stranger, and I have used it in relationships before.

In this case of buying my new shirt, I bought the shirt because I liked the bright color, and the wording on it was something that I could relate to. I think those of us who have shopped at Forever 21 know how it the wording on their shirts can sometimes ruin a buy. I remember one time I was so in love with a shirt design I saw on their site, and then I went to pick it up in person and it had a cheesy long saying on the back. Now sometimes those sayings can be cute or stylish, but I feel like Forever 21 often crosses the line to annoying and cheesy.

Lucky for me, I found my colorful shirt and even appreciated the wording on it. I would say my weekend goals were accomplished. How was your weekend?

Choose Happiness


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