Tuesday Motivation: Hungover from Donuts?

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As everyone who has access to social media and all the national food something trends, you probably know that it was National Donut Day(NDD) on Friday(June 2nd). I have to say that with all these National food something days that happen, this is one that I was excited for. Like weeks in advance excited for it.

If you have followed me long enough on here or my social media, you know that I have a donut obsession. As of April, I think it was more of a maple donut obsession. But, I’m not opposed to eating all other donuts made on this Earth.

I ended up going to get a dozen donuts on NDD. No, I did not eat them all myself, but I did eat probably five or six of them… Anyway, the point of this post is after that extreme cheat day, I have been sluggish when it has come to eating healthy and working out over the weekend. Which is completely unacceptable because I had been doing super good with working out and eating healthy for almost the entire month of May. Essentially I see myself having a donut hangover that’s lasted for about three days. So I’m going to have to work extra hard this week to get back on track. More like four because I obviously didn’t get my shit together in order to write this post to be a Monday Motivation haha.

My goals for this week are:

  1. Walk three miles a day, NO EXCEPTIONS
  2. Plan my meals ahead of time to keep from excessive snacking
  3. Drink a lot of water every day (at least three 30 ounce cups)
  4. Get out and exercise outside

I’m planning on trying to listen to music this week as I work out. I find that when I watch TV shows it is easy to go at a slower pace in order to pay attention to them, but when I listen to music I can pick up the pace easier. I hope everyone has a happy Monday!

Choose Happiness


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