Taking A Page: I Have The Need For Change

Hi Friends!


Photo created by me

This is my 16th TAP of the year! I wrote this kind of quickly and it was a little jumbled when I went back to type it up for this blog. When you get in that funky mood of craving change, I guess your mind gets a little crazy too haha.


I feel like growing up I always loved the idea of some kind of change in my life. I got bored of things quickly and wanted to spice things up. As a somewhat adult, over the past few years, I realized I also have a fear of change. I had nightmares about people moving away, long-time friendships ending, and moving out of my house. How can someone like change but at the same time fear change? I have no idea.

Lately, my life has been pretty constant. I write a lot of the day(which I love doing, don’t get me wrong), watch some TV shows or a movie, and I work out. I like the working out part. I like the writing part in moderation. The TV and movies are not as necessary. But I want to change it up. I want to go out and do things. Maybe that can start with me just simply making plans to do things at the beginning of the week. Maybe not on a specific day, just like a to-do list of things I want to do during the week. It could give me a little inspiration to get up and get out of the house.

I need to figure out something, and FAST! I almost had a scary thought that was me actually missing school for five seconds. We can’t have that now, can we? Haha

Choose Happiness


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