Summer Bucket List

Hi Friends!


photo created by me

I decided to do this Summer Bucket List after realizing that I really need to change things by getting out and doing somethings before the Summer is over. Not everything on this list is going to be outdoors, but I have a lot of outdoor goals to do before the end of the Summer. I think this list my change over time, but my plan is to just have a basic list that can be added to. Hopefully, if all goes well, I will give a completion blog post at the end of Summer. Or you can follow me on my social media to see my progress.

  1. Do the Yellow Trail at Sweetwater Creek State Park
  2. Visit Red Top Mountain
  3. Go to the beach (even if it isn’t a real beach haha)
  4. Visit Pickett’s Mill
  5. Road Trip (Anywhere)
  6. Go to Sweetwater and spend hours crossing rocks across the creek(it’s a good workout)
  7. Visit a new place
  8. Read a couple books
  9. Bake something
  10. Complete a puzzle (I’m an old lady stuck inside a 20-year-old’s body)
  11. Stay up all night (I know that this one should be easy for someone my age, but I can barely stay up past midnight haha)
  12. Make homemade popsicles
  13. Go to the movies
  14. Make a dinner that I’ve never tried before 
  15. Binge-watch an entire series of Movies (Fast & Furious, Harry Potter, Hunger Games maybe)
  16. Work on my novel
  17. Get my mile time down by at least (two or three minutes)
  18. Write in my journal for a week straight with no skipped days

I’m really hoping that I can at least complete 75% of this completed by the end of July. For someone who procrastinates things, 75% is practically almost a 100% hahaha. Let’s cross our fingers that I can do this, and let me know if you have your own Summer Bucket lists. Maybe I can get some inspiration and add to mine, or you are welcome to take from my list and add to yours.

Choose Happiness


Thank you all for reading. Be sure to link your own blog, Twitter, Instagram down below for me to get to know you.

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