Review: Pretty Little Liars (Series Finale)

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I was debating on doing this post, because I am still so dead after last night’s episode. The last ever episode of Pretty Little Liars aired last night, and you best believe I cried my eyes out. I actually spent most of my day re-watching the last nine episodes that led up to the finale. So I was all PLL’d out the whole day, so when the finale started, I was already emotional AF. I want to comment on my thoughts on some parts of the episode, so if you haven’t watched, come back and read after you have. (SPOILERS BELOW)


Okay, starting off the episode with Haleb problems was extremely stressful for me. I want nothing but happiness for them, and I was so nervous that they were going to break up. After the whole Caleb and Hanna being broken up at the very beginning of the season, I had war flashbacks back to that time. Thankfully things brightened up in the end, and we find out that there is going to be a Haleb baby. The only downside is we won’t be seeing the baby now that the show is over, but our imaginations can help with that haha.


We saw that Aria said she didn’t want to marry Ezra in the previews for the show, and I knew there had to be more to it than just a change of heart. I’m sad that the couple has the infertility issue, however, I think it’s nice that they want to adopt to bring a child into their lives. I also loved the idea of their honeymoon, and how Ezra planned it all. I can just imagine them visiting historic sights and being all cute and stuff in France. I did picture that Ezra would get captured, but it would make sense so that way Spencer wouldn’t miss the actual wedding. To note, I never doubted Ezra wanting to marry Aria. I guessed that something was wrong the second they started saying he wasn’t showing up to the wedding.


TWINS! I was shocked to see that they had twins, but once I thought about it, it seemed fitting. While they aren’t technically blood-related to the Dilaurentis family, it just seemed kind of funny that it happened that way. I kind of guessed Wren was going to be the father after we got to meet A.D and how they were talking about him. I also really loved the Emison proposal, and I was happy that Alison was the one to propose to Emily. Their proposal seemed fitting for them.


I kind of had low expectations for Spoby, as I wasn’t really sure they’d get back together. However, I had a lot of feels when they played scrabble together. It brought me back to that night they had in the motel. It was nice to see Tobi’s face after him having a beard that last time we saw him. I kind of liked how they left Spoby in a “we’ll see what happens” kind of relationship.

A.D. and Mona

I HAD NO CLUE THAT SPENCER WOULD HAVE A TWIN! Alex’s character was brilliant though. I loved the idea of another set of twins, as it would go along with the idea of twins running in the family. It kind of made sense that Alex and Charlotte would get along. I thought it was nice to see a different side of Charlotte when she interacted with Alex. I thought it was cool how they showed scenes of where Alex had pretended to be Spencer, and we had no flipping clue that it was really Alex at the time of the episodes beforehand.

As for Mona, I was kind of skeptical on if she was healthy again when we saw her. When she was in the Melissa mask, she had me fooled for Melissa, as I thought she’d be a perfect suspect for A.D. I thought it was fitting that she ended up helping the Liars in the end. I love how the last scene with her living her new and improved life, ended with her having some secret underground bunker. She had her dollhouse, and Mary and Alex Drake trapped there. I thought that part was hilarious.

Farewell PLL

I loved this show to the bottom of my heart. I’ve watched it since day one and excitedly waited for a new episode each week. I love the ending, as it mirrored the beginning. I appreciated how the last scene with the five girls was kind of like closure to their story. The only thing I could ask for is the series to never end, as it is hard to say goodbye. But, I think they did a wonderful job with the finale, and I can’t wait to see what is to come for the actresses and actors of PLL in the future. What was your favorite part of the finale? Did you like how it ended or would you have changed something? Let me know in the comments below.


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