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Before I get started, I want to go ahead note that I am aware this product has been around for a few years, but I just recently started using it and I love it! 🙂

Alright, now that we have that out of the way, I want to talk to you about a clay mask that I’m currently obsessed with. I am one of those people who tend to slack off in the skincare routine. I don’t mean to, but it usually ends up on the part of my to-do list that doesn’t always get done. That being said, the month of July is going to be a big month for life changes for me. One of which will be my skincare. I want to make my skin a priority in hopes of feeling better and happier about the way my skin looks and feels. To be honest, though, the price is usually a big deal for me. If I ever spend more than $8-10 dollars on skincare it is usually a splurge buy. That being said, Freeman has always been a brand that I like and is super inexpensive. I bought this mask for $3 or $4.


photo taken by me

I recently started using Freeman’s Mint & Lemon Clay Mask to attempt to help my breakouts and oily skin. I have to say that my first reason for buying this product is the smell. I took one whiff at the store and knew I wanted this particular one. The best part is, when I put the mask on for the first time, the smell intensified. The combination of lemon and mint made me feel refreshed and cool. While the smell was the #1 reason why I wanted the mask, I also looked for the what the product does, and it fit my skin requirements(breakouts and oily skin).

I wanted to write about this product because I really enjoyed the experience of using the mask, and I enjoyed the after effects of the mask. The only thing to remember is to moisturize after using the mask. Another plus to this product is that it wasn’t tested on animals, and that makes it ten times better.

Let me know if you have used this product before, and if there are any other products by Freeman that I should try.

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