About Me


I am really good at elaborating. I have been since I was a young writer in grade school. This quality has helped me a lot now in my college classes. However, I realize this “about me” should be short and sweet, and not a lengthy 10,000 word essay on my existence. So I am going to list. Something I love to do when I am planning out my day is lists. To do lists everywhere! So here we go!

  • My birthday is on August 18th
  • I have a twin sister
  • I am a communications major with a concentration in media studies
  • I have been interested in writing since I was five or six
  • My go-to’s are music, coffee, netflix, and YouTube
  • My dreams focus mainly on traveling the world and writing as many books as I can

I can be pretty relaxed when it comes to life, so I am not really sticking to just one topic on this blog. I might be touching on a few different subjects. So I hope that is all okay with you.



79 thoughts on “About Me

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